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Rear-View Mirror?

When driving a car, the rear-view mirror is there for a reason. As a driver, you need to not only look ahead and check your sides, you also need to check your rear-view mirror on a regular basis so you can anticipate any issues coming up from behind and be ready to... read more

Love Your Self(ie)

I admit, I like to take a selfie every now and again (mostly for my makeup business)! But I haven’t always loved what I see when I look at that selfie or look in the mirror. I have battled a negative self-image. I will often look at other girls in magazines and think... read more

Coping with Work Stress

Today’s uncertainty in the economy has led to a great deal of additional stress in the workplace. After all, riding that emotional roller coaster can take its toll. During these economic times when work stress is at its highest, it’s important to develop coping skills... read more


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