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About Apologizing

Apologizing isn't generally easy, but, we all make mistakes. However intelligent we may be, or wealthy, or experienced, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we realize, other times we don't. But we all make mistakes because we are human. Only God does not ever make any...

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10,000 Steps to Better Health

Health and happiness this New Year! We are all interested in improving our health and the myriad of New Years resolutions and (soon-to-be) discarded gym memberships are proof of that. However, do you realize that simply by taking a few extra steps to improve your...

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Getting To Know You

"Getting to know you Getting to know all about you" The lyrics from the classic Hammerstein and Rodgers song "Getting to Know You" can be a way to look at discipleship and the growing relationship between a Christian and God. "...if you become a teacher, By your...

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