The Challenge

Let’s face it, with a multi-day event, you have a lot on your plate. Between lining up speakers, events, the band and coordinating all the personnel, wouldn’t it be great if at least one thing were super-easy?

The Solution

David & Kylie Knight have you covered!

  • Our show is adaptable. That means, we are not going to ask for a lot from you. We can fit on almost any size stage. We can (with advance notice) work around band equipment and stage settings. In fact, in most cases all we really need is a sound system. However, if you have a fantastic light rig, video capabilities, big stage, etc. we can certainly utilize that to great benefit.
  • Our show is modular. This means that we can break it up and reconfigure it to fit your needs. Need one 45 minute show? Got it. Need three 30 minute shows? No problem. Need an MC for the weekend to come between various elements? Check! All this and more are possible.
  • Our show is versatile. In addition to being illusionists, people often remark on the comedy in our show. Additionally, we incorporate elements of drama, suspense, audience participation and much more. David is an ordained minister and can act as a speaker for the weekend. We have a fantastic workshop on relational evangelism. We also have access to many worship bands and would love to hook you up with some of our friends!

Most people wait until the end to schedule their entertainment. Don’t make that mistake. Bring us in early and let us help you make your event the best it can be!