Often known as the ‘Summer Slump’ churches often minimize the activities they offer the community during the summer months. I get it – people often travel during the summer or just don’t show up to church. What about the families who can’t or just don’t leave town during the summer?

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The summer school break leaves a good 10 weeks or so for parents to find “something to do” so there isn’t total chaos from siblings fighting and yelling “Mom, I’m bored.”

What if your church became THE summer place for families?

What if your church could use the summer activities to create momentum going into the fall and Christmas seasons?

We have some fun family ideas for you.

  1. Host a weekly reading club for kids.
  2. Do a free outdoor movie night for families projected onto a large screen or wall. You could even hand out or sell concessions.
  3. Host a ‘Learn How-To’ Camp. Host a couple of days where kids learn different things.
  4. Invite the local community to an Ice-Cream Social.
  5. Plan a Summer Nights series that the whole family can enjoy together. Invite musicians, comedians or maybe even Christian illusionists. It’s amazing how many people have never seen a magician live before and your community will often embrace this more than listening to a “Christian Musician.”

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