As a Team

David & Kylie Knight are a husband and wife Christian illusionist duo who have traveled and performed together for over 15 years. They have a passion for wowing audiences with their craft – and their intense love for Jesus and for each other shines through in everything they do.

As a team they have covered thousands of miles and helped churches and ministries all around the world reach their communities with the love of God.

Even in the midst of building and traveling with their ministry David & Kylie have taken large roles in other local ministries. The Knights served on staff with their home church, Crosspointe, and also served five years as a CARES Team with the apartment ministry of Apartment Life.

David and Kylie make their home in Frisco, Texas.

Christian magician and illusionist David and Kylie Knight

As Individuals




Born and raised around Dallas Texas, David has always been a performer. From his first role in a kindergarden play, David has continually found himself in front of a crowd. As a child, he would urge his cousins to perform in plays that he would write (and star in) for the family.

His early love was music. Concentrating on his vocal skills, he joined the Mesquite Boys Choir where he learned more about the skills of showmanship. He was also cast in a made-for-tv movie. But, he probably won’t tell you what it was.

It was during a 6th grade reading assignment that David felt the draw of the art of illusion after reading a biography on the famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini.

Throughout high school David honed his craft by performing in restaurants and at private parties around his home town of Dallas, Texas. You would often find him at the local magic shop or hanging out with Dallas magic professionals like: past Society of American Magicians president Dal Sanders, world-wide performer and consultant Rick Walker or creator and tv personality Bizzaro.

While attending college, David was offered a position with world-renowned Christian illusionist, Andre Kole. He spent 3 years under Andre’s tutelage where he learned some of the finer skills of the art of illusion.

David recently received a degree from West Coast Bible College and Seminary. He is trying to learn guitar. He is also an admitted Apple fanboy.




Kylie was born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Even at a young age, this southern girl enjoyed the stage. She participated in the school productions and was even briefly part of the Victorian Children’s Choir.

At the age of 20, with a nudge from God, she bravely decided to get on a plane and travel to the other side of the world on her own in hopes of traveling. Yes, she still does have some of her Aussie accent but it is more pronounced when she is chatting with her parents on Skype. Thank you, Skype.

Kylie’s talent isn’t limited to the stage and spotlight; in Australia, Kylie was a dental assistant. She considers this her “crown”-ing achievement.

As a partner in the show, Kylie is much more than just an assistant. It is because of her tireless work and attention that the show is able to go on. Her time onstage does not reflect the copious amount of work that she does behind the scenes.

From load in to load out, Kylie handles and coordinates the set up and flow for the show. If that weren’t enough, she also has to keep David in line – that can be a full-time job in itself!

When home, Kylie enjoys spending time with her friends, doing her Camp Gladiator workout and her favorite cupcake is pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting (because she thought you might want to know).