CP-Google-SquareWhen David and I first moved to the Dallas area to follow God’s call for us to be touring Christian magicians, we had planned on attending a certain church near our new home. The first week we went there, nobody spoke to us. So, the next week, David found another church online, so we decided to check it out. What a difference. There was several people at the door welcoming us in – and not because they were the official “greeters” either. One of those people was actually the drummer. A small group of these people who we only just met even invited us to join them for lunch. Shock.

Here is my small list of 7 Reason I love my church. I will try to keep it brief, even though I just want to brag on them.

#1. The people. With my family over 8,000 miles away, these people have become like family to David and I. They support us completely, challenge us, pray for us, and shape us.

#2. The mission and Vision. We love that they are so outwardly focused. They would rather put their money and energy in to supporting pre-existing, life-changing missions, than starting yet another organization. We also love their mission statement: “We are a gathering of people who embrace authentic faith, encourage artistic expressions, and exhibit the life of Jesus in our community.” Beautiful! 🙂

375716_10151475187495784_1811547581_n#3. The place where anything can happen and probably will. This has become somewhat of an inside tagline for us. We tend to mix things up a little on Sunday mornings by bringing in talent to support a message, ie. a DJ, artist painting during the message, or having an illusionist perform. Gasp!

68423_10151243080184161_1835118082_n#4. Our spiritual transformation. Pastor Dave is a very intelligent man who loves reading and sharing what he is reading with us. Week after week we are seeing the scripture with new eyes which enhances our faith journey like never before. We are so grateful for him and his incredible family.

#705098_445071635553651_1520511130_o5. Theatre166. Part of the vision was for our building to be used by the community during the week. The building was named Theatre166 because there are 168 hours in a week, Crosspointe the church uses the space for about 2 hours on Sunday morning, and we open it to the community for the other 166 hours of the week. This helps the community by providing them a space for meetings, community groups, music, or parties. It also helps us connect with our community by volunteering to help with the events that come in and meeting people that would otherwise never step foot inside our church building.

#6. Community. When we moved to Dallas, one of our desires was to become more involved in our home church. This small faith community encourages involvement because they believe that we are all part of the Body and every person needs to be part of the Body to function to full capacity.

#7. Not perfect. I love that we can be our crazy selves there, and everyone is okay with that. We don’t have to dress in our “Sunday best” and we can be open with people there if we have had a bad day.

For more information, go to our new website (new name) –  http://www.thetabledallas.com

To learn more about us as a Christian magician and illusionist husband and wife duo, check out www.KnightIllusions.com