1-human-skeleton-artwork-mehau-kulykSo, right now I am working on a special illusion/teaching segment for this Sunday’s church gathering. The basic concept is that a crushed and empty can of “soda” restores itself to its natural shape. It re-fills with “soda” and even ends up being re-sealed. I think that this fits in nicely with a beautiful phrase that keeps coming up in my conversations “becoming more fully human.”

The concept is that we were created as humans and after the Fall, we lost some of our human-ness. You might say we lost some of our humanity. What is the first thing you read about humans doing after being kicked out of the Garden? That’s right, killing each other. And brothers doing that no less! How much humanity has to be lost to do that?

Christ came and showed us what it was like to be fully human. So often, we want to lament our human condition. We think that we are meant to be angels or some other beings than “humans” because humans are just so wretched. I even had a friend say once that she was looking forward to going to Heaven so she “no longer had to be human.” WOW…where is the humanity in that statement? How can we love others if we don’t even want to be like them?

While I agree that as humans, we are “imperfect,” we have an example to follow in Christ. The beautiful thing is that even though Christ was fully God, He was also fully human. There is even a line of thought that some of the miraculous things that Jesus did were a product of His humanity and not necessarily of His divinity.  Jesus himself said that His followers would do greater things than even He did. (John 14:12)

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