freely-10139-preview-973x703Not long ago, David and I were going through some tough times financially. Business as Christian Magicians was a little slow, so we cancelled our plans to take a mini vacation for our anniversary. Every year we are asked to do some shows at a greatly reduced cost. We wish we could say yes to them all, but since this is our living, we can only reduce our paycheck a couple of times a year and still pay bills and rent.

One organization that we support asked us to do a show, and we gladly accepted. We knew we needed the extra money at that time, but we know God called us to do this, so we, admittedly hesitant at times, trust Him.

We arrive at the venue for an event and are told that they are gifting us with something that they “hope blesses us” is some way. By God’s good grace, knowing and providing for us, the organization gave us a check for our normal asking price. WOW. I was so full of joy and thankfulness to our Provider.

When has God helped you through tough times?

David & Kylie Knight are a husband and wife Christian illusionist duo who have traveled and performed together for over 15 years. They have a passion for wowing audiences with their craft – and their intense love for Jesus and for each other shines through in everything they do. Contact David & Kylie today to wow your audience.