Can churches grow over the summer?

Of course, they can! In fact, they should grow over the summer, however they rarely do. This could be for one simple reason…

Nothing happens.

It’s true, most churches consider summer time their low time when attendance dips below average and therefore don’t plan much of anything. 

However, when churches reduce their events and programming during the summer, they can inadvertently reinforce declining attendance, turning assumptions of low turnout into self-fulfilling prophecies. Fortunately, many churches are discovering that with careful planning and creativity, the sharp drop in summer attendance can be minimized.

With many families moving, and/or relocating during the summer, this can be their main time to look for a new church, find new friends, or even just find something fun and safe for their family to do together.

If those families show up and most ministries aren’t happening, or there is nothing on the calendar except for a couple of camps, plus, an overall laxness from the pulpit, you may lose the opportunity to welcome a new family to your church.

Why summer matters.

To ensure that the church remains vibrant and engaging throughout the summer, it’s essential to provide reasons for our congregation to stay connected and involved.

  1. Maintain Worship Schedules: Consider maintaining the normal pattern of worship services during the summer to avoid confusion and maintain consistency for attendees and potential visitors.
  2. Creative Preaching: Use the summer as an opportunity for creative preaching, selecting topics that will draw interest and engagement. Consider shorter sermon series or standalone topics that appeal to a broader audience that may be in and out.
  3. Adapt Music Ministries: If some musicians are unavailable during the summer, explore alternative arrangements to maintain high-quality music. Consider forming special ensembles or featuring guest musicians to enhance worship experiences.
  4. Enhance Children’s Ministries and Education: Offer high-quality alternate programming for children and adults if regular Sunday School classes are not available. Consider innovative approaches, such as drama projects or service projects, to keep families engaged.
  5. Host Special Events: Take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by summer to plan special events and outreach activities. Consider organizing fellowship events, educational opportunities, or community outreach initiatives to connect with both church members and newcomers.

If summer is your break time, fill the pulpit with quality guests or able staff.

Kylie and I recently did an event that was really well attended. We spoke to several people afterward. They mentioned that they were so excited that this particular church offered something great for the whole family. 

When they first heard our show was coming to the area, they decided to check out the church ahead of time. When they did, they discovered that the congregation was great and inviting, they have since joined the church and have become heavily involved. 

All of this was simply because the church made a big deal about us coming. The same can happen with your church!

So, let’s embrace the unique opportunities for growth and ministry that the summer season offers. By remaining intentional and proactive, we can continue to nurture a vibrant and thriving church community, both during the summer months and throughout the year.

Your Next Steps:

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