As a married couple who has always worked together, we spend (almost literally) all day/every day together. Even though we are around each other ALL THE TIME, we have found that our marriage works better when we set aside a special time to just “be together.”  Most of our days are filled with work, meetings, phone calls, emails, errands, etc. So, each week we schedule a date night. This is a time for us to just focus on each other. We turn off the phones, put down the computers and find ways to just be in each other’s presence.

Date Nights with your spouse don’t guarantee a “successful” marriage. However, it is certainly cheaper than multiple therapy sessions, MUCH cheaper than divorce, and certainly a whole lot more fun.

Create a set date on your calendar every week or at least twice per month to ensure that it happens. Making a reservation or having tickets to an event can help prevent cancelations. However, Date Nights don’t have to be expensive. Ask your friends for cheap ideas such as weekday movie specials, or exploring a new park.


  1. An Opportunity to Communicate Without Distractions –  It’s easy to get distracted from a good conversation with your spouse with the smart phone alerting us to texts, emails, and many other things. By silencing and putting away devices and time away from kids, etc. you can really focus on each other.

  2. Opportunity for Romance – Think back to your courtship days and remember why you fell in love with your partner to begin with. Get creative and treat your spouse like a queen or king – even just for a few hours of date night. Never lose the romance.

  3. Shows Your Commitment to Your Spouse – Just by making time for each other helps to show yourself and your partner that they matter enough to make time for each other.

  4. Novelty – Breaking your day-to-day routine can help to re-invigorate your passion! While dating, couples often do a variety of activities which keeps the relationship fresh and exciting. After marriage it’s easy to get stuck in routines with the same habits week after week. Try something new together – even if it is just a new restaurant. There is a company that is even helping with that. We highly recommend checking out DateBox!

  5. An Opportunity to Re-Connect – Whether you work together like us or have very different jobs with different hours, couples need time to re-connect physically, mentally, and emotionally. Date night is not so much about getting things done, but about connecting with each other.

  6. Having Fun Together – You don’t need to spend a lot of money on every date night. The goal is to just have fun. Sometimes this means just grabbing your favorite fast food and eating it at a local park.

  7. It Builds a Healthy Marriage – Studies prove that couples that spend good quality time together are happier in their marriage and are less prone to divorce.

When was the last time you and your spouse had quality time together, just the two of you? What do you like to do? What was your favorite date night? Email us – we would love to hear your thoughts and maybe we will share some of ours!

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