1128-img_1389Born and raised around Dallas, Texas, David has always been a performer. From his first role in a kindergarden play, David has continually found himself in front of a crowd. As a child, he would urge his cousins to perform in plays that he would write (and star in) for the family.

His early love was music. Concentrating on his vocal skills, he joined the Mesquite Boys Choir where he learned more about the skills of showmanship. He was also cast in a made-for-tv movie. But, he probably won’t tell you what it was.

It was during a 6th grade reading assignment that David felt the draw of the art of illusion after reading a biography on the famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini.

Throughout high school, David honed his craft by performing around his home town of Dallas, Texas. While attending college, David was offered a position with world-renowned Christian illusionist, Andre Kole. He spent 3 years under Andre’s tutelage where he learned some of the finer skills of the art of illusion.

David recently received a degree from West Coast Bible College and Seminary. He is trying to learn guitar. He is also an admitted Apple fanboy.