As touring illusionists, finding healthy food on the road can often be difficult. Even those with more “normal” jobs can struggle with time to prepare healthy meals.

Trying to fit a healthy eating regime into today’s busy lives can be a challenge at the best of times, which is why so many people’s evening meals are made up of convenience foods that might be filling but don’t necessarily contain very much in the way of nutritional value. When it comes to eating well during meal breaks at work, our habits can be even worse. While many working parents religiously pack nutritious lunches for their children to take to school, they themselves rely on fast food, which isn’t always the healthiest fare, or on takeout food, which contains little more than empty calories, from the nearest fast-food restaurant.

Preparing an appetizing salad and packing a few pieces of fruit takes only a few minutes at the start of the day and ensures that you won’t be tempted by less healthy alternatives. You could even include some fresh, raw vegetables, such as carrot sticks, to ward off the munchies during the day without piling on the pounds through regular trips to the chocolate machine. (David and I love to dip raw vegetables into hummus as a good option.) All it takes is a little self-discipline and preparation to get into the habit of preparing a healthy lunch in advance, and once you do, you will soon start to notice the difference. If you really can’t do without the odd greasy burger and fries altogether, then allow yourself just one day a week to indulge – perhaps on a Friday for an end-of-week treat.

Help us out and tell us – what is your favorite way to eat healthy on the go?