family night, family ministry, kidmin, christian magician, christian illusionistDavid and I love having our weekly Date Night. We believe it is one of the things that keeps our marriage strong. We also believe it is important to keep the family unit strong. One way to do that is having a regular Family Fun Night… or Day.

Everyone is looking for ideas to make Family Fun Night just that – fun. Here are a few ideas for you and your family to try: 

  • Movie Night Marathon: Pick a theme – western, horror, comedy or whatever you and your family decide on. Build a concession stand and use monopoly money to buy popcorn, candy and soda. Even add a twist and have a few trivia questions ready about the movie. 
  • Arts and crafts: Make it seasonal: if it’s spring/summer make a birdhouse from recycled materials. Winter time? Make holiday ornaments for your tree. Make tshirts or other apparel. 
  • Have a formal night: Prepare a special meal and have the entire family dress up in their Sunday best for dinner. You can also use this time to teach younger children proper table manners and etiquette. 
  • Reading night: No, not everyone pick a book and go to separate rooms. Let your children help select a book or books in a series and take a little time each night or one night a week to read aloud from the books. 
  • Family adventure: This may be a walk together in nature. Some of my favorite memories with my family were going to the beach or walks up a mountain to a waterfall.
  • Have a cooking competition: This is actually a couple of activities rolled into one – it gets everyone involved in the kitchen, teaches children cooking skills and gets dinner on the table in the process. 

To learn how David and Kylie Knight can bring their fun Family Night Illusions Show to your church, contact us here.