It may be hard to believe, but as a little girl, I did not dream of becoming an Illusionist or “magician’s assistant” where I would be stuffed into boxes and be stabbed with swords or cut in half.

As with most people, I did go through phases of career dreams. At one point I told my parents that I wanted to be an actress, which they quickly talked me out of. Next I believe was to be a radiologist, following in the foot-steps of a close family friend. That dream sank towards the end of high school when I discovered that both chemistry and physics where not my strong subjects. I left high school before graduation with a job as a dental assistant. They brought me in for on-the-job training and then paid for me to go to school to get my degree. This was a rewarding career for about 3 years.

When my family and I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane, I decided to take a break from the medical world. The question then came – what to do next? What other interests did I really have? God?… now what? While reading the newspaper one day, I came across an ad for an Nanny College. Hmmm. This could be interesting. Little did I know where enrolling into this elite college would take me.

To be continued…