God, Worship, Christian Illusionist, Christian magicianRecently I have noticed a trend of people “praying for God to really show up” at certain events and activities. I understand the intention beneath that statement. These people want to see big things happen for God’s glory.


Honestly, we have all used some form of that phrasing. Whether it is the pastor opening up a time of musical worship with  “God, we invite you to come as we worship you.”  Or the worship leader proclaiming, “God, fill this place as we worship.” Or even maybe you have said something to the effect of  “God, you are welcome here. Come down as we worship you.”


There is a desire in our hearts to “make space” for God to be with us. What we neglect to ponder is that God is OMNIPRESENT. That means He is always with us. He is everywhere. Sometimes, we are not aware of His working, but I think that is more a fault of ours than of God’s. He is not hiding from us desperately hoping we will ask Him to be a part of what we are doing. In fact, quite the reverse is true. He is at work in this world and inviting us to take part in what He is doing.

What we should be praying is that WE will be open to HIS movement. We need to pray that we will be aware of His presence. Pray that we truly worship Him in words, deeds, thoughts, and spirit. Pray that we “show up” at HIS events!

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