happy couples, christian illusionist, christian magicianKylie and I have been married for over 18 years. When people hear that, they are often surprised to hear that. They are also often impressed by how happy we seem to be. I can tell you that we are very happy, however, it does take work to make marriage last and to keep the happiness alive.

Every happy family is alike, as Leo Tolstoy once wrote, and most happy couples have some specific strategies for keeping their relationship going strong. Follow their lead:

• Make your relationship a priority. Happy couples set aside time every day to reconnect, and they juggle schedules to make time for each other.

• Seize every opportunity to be together. Work, kids, and activities all compete for our attention. But happy couples make the most of whatever time they spend together.

• Recover quickly from arguments. They may disagree from time to time—who doesn’t?—but happy couples are able to talk things out and reach an amicable resolution, and then move on without resentment.

• Don’t forget how to play. Happy couples build in time for fun and playfulness together, and learn how to laugh when life just gets too serious.

• Learn how to communicate freely. A happy relationship involves sharing—problems, dreams, successes, and failures.

• Get privacy from the kids. If they’re parents, happy couples pay attention to their children’s needs, but they also make sure children respect their privacy.

Kylie and I hope this helps you keep your marriage relationship going strong until death do you part.

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