We were at a friend’s birthday party recently when a divorcee was commenting on how cute Kylie and I are together.
“I can just tell how much you love each other. Some people you can just tell were made for each other, and you guys are so lucky you found each other.”
Love and Marriage. Christian magician. Christian illusionist.I don’t want to brag, but we do hear similar comments to that a lot. It makes me smile to know that our love is very evident to others. Yet also makes me rather sad to know so many others are missing out on the true joys of marriage.

Trying to Fix Broken Relationships

We have many single friends and their lives play out for us on social media. They get in relationships and then they fall apart and they are devastated. At the start of the relationship, they pledge undying loyalty to this new person. Over time, the shine on the new relationship fades and eventually so does the relationship.

Sometimes, they decide to “step things up.” Maybe they decide to move in together. Perhaps they decide to get a puppy. We have even met couples who introduce us to their “husband” or “wife”  – but we know they are not legally married.

A Lack of Respect

As we see it, there is such a lack of respect for the institute of marriage. To be fair, I didn’t really understand what marriage meant when we entered it. I have since learned and now respect the institute and what it means. In a lot of ways that is one of the things that helps keep us together is that respect of marriage.
For so many people, they are just “practicing marriage” as our pastor likes to call it. The problem is, there is no “practicing marriage.” You are either in it, or you are not. That was one of the mistakes I made early on.
You see, I had been in long-term relationships before. So, when I got married I thought that is was the same thing. The difference was that there was no “out” this time. In all my other relationships, I could leave if I wanted to. This wasn’t something I thought consciously, but I realized it when Kylie and I hit a rough patch about two years into our marriage.

Love is a Choice

I think a lot of other people they think they are married or feel they are married without truly understanding what it means to be married, as in that dedication of yourself to somebody else. That dedication of two people to follow a vision together.
All the time, we see people get in relationships and then they fall apart and they are devastated.Couples We have met people who introduce us to their “husband” or “wife”  – but we know they are not legally married.
At it’s core, marriage is two people coming together. The Bible says the two shall become one. They don’t literally become one person, but they become one entity.
It is the idea of giving up a “me-ness” for a “we-ness.” A lot of people don’t get the “we-ness” aspect of marriage.
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