Is Your Community Enthusiastic About Your Church?

As members and leaders in our home church, we understand the importance of doing things that attract your local neighborhood in order for them to hear the life-saving message of Christ. As America’s Premier Christian Illusionist Team, we leverage the power of a fun and professional show to create Gospel and connection opportunities. We want to help you bridge the gap between the church and the community to get them enthusiastic about the Kingdom-building that you are already doing.

Your plan for a successful outreach event:

Step 1: Fill out the Contact Form

Step 2: We have a quick chat by phone

Step 3: Fill those seats!

It has given us the opportunity to get to know families that don’t come to our church and build a relationship with them. We are so excited for the future of the church thanks to what David & Kylie brought to our event.”

Sheik Ally

Calvary Orlando | Orlando, FL

“We asked our body to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone that maybe they wouldn’t come to a Sunday morning service, but they would come to an illusion show. So they did. The church was full and there was so much energy.

Theresa Brandt

Grace Church | Allen, TX

The message was powerful and we had people come to Christ today. It was fantastic!”

Matt Prater

New Hope Brisbane | Brisbane, Australia

Be the church your community loves!

You have spent time and money sending your people OUT. They have done “good works” in your city. They have gone to other cities. They have gone overseas.

It’s time to open your church doors and INVITE your community in.

Non-christians may not be ready to sing worship songs to a God they don’t really know. But, most people would LOVE to watch a LIVE magic and illusion show.

By hosting David & Kylie Knight, your community will have an opportunity to see that your church knows how to have fun. It allows them see that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Also, it makes them feel more comfortable returning for a church service since they are already familiar with your people and the building atmosphere.

Read these rave reviews.

“We had a draw of hundreds of people that came that we had never seen before thanks to see the Knights.”

Danielle Biser

Southcliff Church | Fort Worth, TX

“They were super professional and they operated with a spirit of excellence when they were dealing with the team or when they were dealing with the crowd. They were absolutely fantastic!”

Shane Bearden

Flow Church | Ashville, AL

“The show was just great. Kids are still laughing, parents are still laughing. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Paul Holland

Dogwood Church | Tyron, GA

“[The audience] wouldn’t shut up about it when it was done. It was so cool.”

Jared Coe

Frisco Bible Church | Frisco, TX

“They had a blast! They laughed. Standing ovations. We had so much fun together as a community.”

Megan Frederick

First Baptist Church | Port Neches, TX

“The audience was absolutely engaged and entertained from start to finish.” 

Bryan “Mr Moose” Tribble

Crossway Church | Vicksburg, MS

Your plan for a successful outreach event:

Step 1: Fill out the Contact Form

Step 2: We have a quick chat by phone

Step 3: Fill those seats!