The Challenge

You need to find a fresh way to deliver the timeless message of the wonder of the birth of Christ.

The Solution

Christian illusionists – David and Kylie Knight! – As featured on the TV special – The Magic of Christmas.

Share the magic and wonder of Christ’s birth with your whole community with fun, infectious laughter, and a beautiful message that will touch their hearts.

Bringing heart-felt joy and mesmerizing illusions, David and Kylie Knight provide a fresh and hassle-free way to deliver God’s perfect gift to us all. Not only will people from your community come on stage to help with the illusions, but David and Kylie will make it snow on your stage!

Christian illusionists David and Kylie Knight can present an evening filled with wonder in the form of illusion. By utilizing a few elements spread throughout the course of the evening that remind people of the “reason for the season,” the show helps to stay on theme. The finale of the Knights’ performance is a powerful message of our uniqueness as beings created in the image of God!

When you want to draw a huge community crowd before your Christmas services plus share the love of Christ in a unique and awe-inspiring way, contact David and Kylie Knight.

Dates for The Magic of Christmas are very limited, so book NOW.