Uncover the #1 Way to Help Your Church Thrive!

It begins by showing your volunteers just how important they are!


You want a church that is healthy and growing. A big part of that is having your volunteers and ministry workers active and engaged in the mission of the Church. The more they enjoy their “work,” the more enthusiastic they will be and the more inviting your church will be to your community. 

Church volunteers welcome people as they walk in the building, make coffee, teach and take care of children of all ages. They run tech, clean, set up tables and chairs, put them all away again, and SO much more.

To sum up, these people give of their time and energy week in and week out.

That is why they need to be recognized for their work in a meaningful way. True appreciation and recognition build confidence, self-esteem, and deepens their investment in the work.

You see, volunteer appreciation is a VITAL part of any organization – and even more so in ministry. Expressing gratitude can take some effort, but it can have HUGE dividends! 

What is a unique way to show your appreciation to these AMAZING volunteers?


You need David & Kylie Knight – ILLUSIONS.

When we were on staff at our church, we searched for a program that would accomplish the goal of truly honoring our volunteers – beyond basic thank you cards, but we couldn’t find one…so, we created one! We designed a fun, laughter-filled evening full of awe and wonder that will encourage and lift the spirits of your volunteers. Giving your volunteers a magical evening set aside just for them  will give them a sense of true appreciation along with motivation and encouragement to continue serving at your church.  And you know what they say?… Happy volunteers, happy and giving church body. 🙂 Are you ready to learn more about what it may look like for your church to have the best Volunteer Appreciation event ever? Drop us an email right now!

TOP 3 Reasons that A Big Volunteer Appreciation Event is Important

⭐ Volunteers love the opportunity to have the staff serve them

⭐ Experiential gifts have a longer-lasting impact than material gifts


“Immediately after the event all the volunteers were just texting me how wonderful [David & Kylie] were and how they just really enjoyed their evening. It was a huge encouragement to our volunteers.” 

Ashton Taylor

Lake Pointe Church