Start Line

Start Line

Kylie is constantly encouraging me to write a book based on my conception of Holistic Holiness. If I am going to write this book, I need to start somewhere. Since I have never written a book, I figured I could use some help. So, today I went to the bookstore and grabbed a book called Author 101: Best-Selling Nonfiction.

Now, I don’t anticipate being a “best-selling” author, I just had no idea where to begin.

The first thing this book mentioned was to start writing. That was it…just write 2-3 pages. Oh, ok…sure! 😛

However, it does make sense. We can spend all the time we want “preparing” to do something. But, if we never take the leap…what good does it do? That’s actually a little like what Holistic Holiness is all about. Let me explain…

Sometimes, we have a gut-level feeling about what we are supposed to do. We know hat we need to go this way, or go that way, trusting in the LORD. We can take all the time we want in “prayer” or seeking counsel. But, if we never take the leap and say “I trust you LORD,” we will never know what it feels like. We will never develop that “muscle” of Holistic Holiness.

Ultimately, that is what Holistic Holiness is all about. Being SO in tune with God that you can trust your gut-level instinct. It’s allowing everything that flows around you to show you God’s truth and give you the courage to face the moment and press forward.

Now that I write that, it also sounds a little bit like the Force…hmmmm. Maybe that’s a thought for another exercise…