BillboardKylie and I have been working (it seems) non-stop to prepare for an upcoming show. We are investing as much time, energy and resources as we can into this for a number of reasons:

  1. We believe in doing the best job possible. I know that is cliche and everybody says that. However, it is the truth.
  2. It is a live taping for a promo video. Actually, 3 promo videos. We are looking at making a new one geared towards our work with churches, one for potential work on cruise ships and a third one that would be more generic or general. Just something fun and exciting for people to watch.
  3. It could be turned into a show DVD to potentially be sold at our merch table.

Merch TableWe are hoping that everything will turn out the way we think. In order for that to happen, we really need to see a full house at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville, TX on Saturday, August 9. If you want to help out, please get tickets for yourself and/or tell your friends. We promise you will have a great time!