The desert…
When you hear that word, what comes to mind?
For most, it is a place of dry heat, sand-filled winds, scarce water, and little shade. Considered by most as an unpleasant and miserable experience.
I concur with their sentiments.
Often times you hear people talk about life In the wasteland or desert using those terms as an analogy for suffering, hardship, or adversity.
Have you ever used this analogy?
Either way, I’m sure you have experienced hardship, suffering, or adversity to some degree.
Regardless of what you call it-
Let’s use the desert analogy for a moment.
People typically see the desert (adversity/hardship) as an unpleasant or undesirable place to be.
After all, it’s uncomfortable and can be wearisome, heart-wrenching even.
Knowing that growth, learning, and transformation take place outside your comfort zone, I pose to you another way of looking at the desert:
Some of your most powerful moments in life will be a direct result of some of your most painful experiences.
It is in those moments of pain and weakness where you can actually find strength and power. Not your own, but your Creator’s.
It is those moments of complete despair, disdain, and degradation where you have the opportunity to wave your white flag and surrender. Not to defeat, not to dismay. But to victory found in the strength, power, and comfort of Almighty God.
In scripture, we see many examples of God being fully present with his people in the desert and speaking directly to them.
Abraham, Moses, the Israelites, Isaiah, and on through Jesus.
When in the desert we are actually closer to God than ever. It is in the desert we finally realize we can no longer rely on our own strength. It is when we realize we must surrender and cry out.
It is also when we realize, HE has been there the entire time, watching, waiting, wanting, for us to simply say, “Father, I need you.”
Next time you are in the desert don’t ask God to take you out of the desert.
Ask God to let you hear His voice; and ask Him to meet you with his power, presence, peace, and provision as you learn and grow through your wilderness experience.