Hello allergy season! Although I absolutely love Spring time as we all begin to thaw out from the winter and flowers begin to bloom, spring also brings all kinds of allergens. One way to battle the seasonal allergies is using an air purifier.

Before we can look at UV air purifiers and their advantages we must look at UV or Ultra Violet Light and what it does. UV rays are a natural air purifier when generated by the sun. When the sun light passes thru a prism it then changes to colors of a rainbow. These colors also have a specific wavelength. The wavelength we are concerned with in regards to UV air purifier is UV-C or shortwave ultraviolet radiation. This wavelength destroys bacteria and other biological pollutants.

UV air purifiers then can be considered for home use to destroy viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. This is extremely helpful to seasonal allergy sufferers, by eliminating the mold and fungi that many air purifiers fail to do. It removes viruses that spread colds and flu and other serious health conditions, such as tuberculosis and small pox just to name a couple.

With a UV air purifier you are effectively removing the risks involved with air borne diseases. This is especially helpful to the elderly, children and people with a history of breathing problems.

What happens is air that is directly passed over a UV germicidal lamp. It then destroys pathogens that cause the majority of airborne diseases. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended the UV air purifier for hospitals for many years. Your home deserves the same type of protection!

UV air purifiers are becoming more and more efficient. Today’s lamps are able to destroy up to 98% of microorganism pollutants once all the air from the room has passed the system.

A UV air purifier is actually installed in the duct work of your existing furnace and air conditioner. A couple of holes drilled in the duct work and the lamps slid in and fastened. This can be accomplished normally within about 15 minutes.

Maintenance of a UV air purifier is very minor. You will want to keep them as dust free as possible which by changing the normal air filters on a regular basis. The lamps should be replaced every year but they could be used for up to about 3 years. This is not recommended as their effectiveness would be lost.

The thing to remember with UV air purifiers is that they will do a excellent job of airborne pollutants but do nothing for large particles, gases, or any odors in your home. The use of another air purifier is recommended in conjunction of a UV air purifier so that odors and larger air borne particles can be eliminated.

Happy better breathing!