volunteer appreciation, knightillusions, christian magician, christian illusionist, imago Dei, image of God, thank youVolunteer appreciation is a VITAL part of any organization – perhaps even more so in ministry. Expressing volunteer appreciation or gratitude can take some effort, but it can have HUGE dividends!

We were on staff at a church for about 8 years, so we know first hand how essential and valuable volunteers at the church really are. It is impossible to accomplish everything that needs to be done by the staff alone.

Church volunteers, or Servant Leaders as they are often called, welcome people as they walk in the building, make coffee, teach and take care of children of all ages. They run tech, clean, set up tables and chairs, put them all away again, and SO much more.

To sum up, these people give of their time and energy week in and week out.

That is why they need to be recognized for their work in a meaningful way. True appreciation and recognition build confidence, self-esteem, and deepens their investment in the work.

It also helps them feel a greater connection to the mission and vision of what they do. Without proper recognition, volunteers are more likely to give up and stop helping.

In other words, Volunteer Appreciation is volunteer retention. It keeps them loving what they do and motivates them to keep going.

These are among the reasons you should be acknowledging and applauding the selfless commitment by your volunteers throughout the year in various ways.


So, why do people volunteer at church? According to this article in LifeWay, Brian Dodd writes – 10 Benefits Of Being A Volunteer At A Local Church:

  1. Greater Purpose in Life
  2. Broadened my Perspective
  3. Lifelong Friendships
  4. A Healthier Self-Image
  5. Helps Others
  6. Increased Generosity
  7. Taught Me How To Make Better Decisions
  8. Makes Me A Better Thinker
  9. Lasting Influence
  10. Future Rewards

How do YOU show your indispensable volunteers that you appreciate them?


David and I love to help churches show volunteer appreciation by being after-dinner entertainment. It is a unique and special way for leaders to thank their volunteers!

If you are interested in bringing us in to your community for an event, contact us TODAY¬†and let’s chat!

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