I have this phrase that has been ringing in my head for the last year. “Holistic Holiness.” I remember when it came to me over lunch one day. Since that time, I have seen elements of it pop up around me since that time. This blog is the beginning of me trying to crystalize my thoughts on what it means. Here is the beginning:

What is a holistic holiness? It is a way of living towards Jesus call on us to be holy as he is holy. It recognizes that holiness is not about segments of our lives being right. It is not about being able to parse the Greek of each and every chapter of the Bible. It is not about being able to recite chapter and verse for any and all problems one might face. It is about living the Word. It is about having such a deeply personal relationship with God that your entire life is profoundly affected. Every area of your life is experiencing transformation from “the image of God in which we were created to the likeness of God for which we were made.”