Generation Z

Generation Z, also referred to as Gen Z or iGeneration, is a group of people born after millenials, particularly those born after 1995. One noticeable similarity among the Gen Zs is their connection to the internet, social media and technology in general.

Gen Z across the globe have a way of describing themselves. They perceive themselves as individuals who are motivated, optimistic, excited, happy, confident,  ingenious, ambitious, team players and money-conscious. With that in mind, the aim of this article is to enlighten you on the goals and priorities of generation Z.  

What Generation Z Wants:

Opportunity for Growth 

Generation Z is becoming a key player in the American labor force.  According to various surveys, the focus of most teens is on personal and career achievement.  Not only are they ambitious, but they also want to progress to the top of their career.

In other words, Gen Z workers want quick promotions and salary increases more so within the first year or after six months of employment. In fact, research shows that about 80% of them are willing to not only work harder to attain their career goals, but also work for longer hours.

This category of people desire to become entrepreneurs. They aspire to gain financial freedom by starting their own businesses. 

Diversity and Inclusivity

One defining attribute of Generation Z is ethical and racial diversity. In addition, this generation is diverse with regard to gender, sexuality and religion.

 With that said, the iGeneration is socially conscious. For instance, they want to see inclusion, equailty and a sense of belongingness in their places of work. 

What’s more, they place a high value on individuality and tolerance. For instance, statistics show that 69% of them accept that it is alright to be born a man or woman, but feel like a member of the opposite sex. Another 40% believe it is okay to change from one gender to another, while another 12% express their sexual orientation in non-heterosexual terms.

Due to their diversity, iGeneration never want to make people feel bad. Judging people and provoking negative feelings is unacceptable to them. 


Another name for Generation Z is “digital natives”. Research shows that they tend to identify with technology and creativity. What’s more, they are open-minded, innovative and curious as compared to other generations.

Therefore, the internet, social media and smart devices have a great influence on these individuals. They tend to spend most of their time on the internet with at least 46% of them staying online for more than 10 hours. 

In addition, research shows that at least 76% of iGeneration use technological tools to attain their professional and personal goals. Technological devices that excite Gen Z include tablets,  wearables, drones, virtual reality, self driven cars, as well as 3D printing. 

Human Interaction 

Gen Z may like using technology for their personal and professional activities, but they prefer to have face-to-face communication with their bosses and colleagues. 

In other words, they would rather hold weekly team meetings rather than exchange information by phone or email. Research shows that a good percentage (44%) of Gen Z graduates think communication skills will make them more attractive to their future bosses. 

Work-Life Balance

The Generation Z workforce values workplace flexibility and work-life balance. Therefore, as an employer it is critical that you create a culture that promotes work-life balance. 

They will do much better at work if they are given an opportunity to do the things that excite them. 

Other things that matter to iGeneration are independence and stability. 

Parting Shot!

The list above is not exhaustive, but it is insightful with regard to things that matter to Generation Z, which include social interaction, technological advancement, work-life balance, equality, diversity and individuality, as well as opportunities for career growth.