2007 PhotoIn 2007 my wife Kylie and I moved back to the Dallas area to pursue our dream of being illusionists. Leaving the Spencers was one of the hardest decisions we ever made. However, we knew that if we wanted to move forward as artists and develop our own “voice,” we had to do it.

Upon moving out here, we quickly got involved in a local church (Crosspointe – now The Table Dallas). We were determined to make it as professional magicians and refused every opportunity to take on a “real job.” Fortunately that first summer, we had already booked a 10 day gig in Peru and we were able to supplement with a 3 month long stint at Six Flags.

However, by September our bookings were getting scarce and we were faced with the very real prospect of giving up chasing our dreams and take on more traditional work.

After relating this turn of events to the Men’s Group at Crosspointe, our Pastor, David Wahlstedt approached me and said he would like to meet with Kylie and I the next day. We met him in a coffee shop in Austin Ranch. He told us that he wanted to offer us part-time jobs on staff at Crosspointe. He made it very clear that it would not be a “get rich” position. However, it would allow us the flexibility to continue pursuing our path as well as an element of financial stability.

This was a huge decision for us. Do we take this job and potentially lose the “hunger” for our career? Or, do we not take the job and face the potential for being broke and homeless?

Well, we did end up taking the job and it changed our lives completely. Not only did it give us the stability that we needed, it gave us a direction for our show and other areas of our lives.

That job turned into a string of events that drew us further and further into Christian ministry. I went back to school, got my Bachelor’s degree and ordained. I became the go-to guy for our pastor. I help him in the development of his sermons and even preach for him when he is out of town.

Our theatrical experience became a huge benefit to Crosspointe when they moved in 2010 to Theatre 166. We were able to help in deciding how to pull it all together and run it. We call it Theatre 166 because there are 168 hours in a week. Crosspointe reserves it for two hours on Sunday morning and open it up to rentals the other 166 hours. In our four years in this space, we have had over 400 events ranging from Magic Club to yoga classes, dance recitals, concerts and theatrical productions!

As for Kylie and I, we are still chasing our dream. Our main market has become churches and youth groups. We perform a stage show that can be 30 minutes to two hours. We are also currently looking at the possibility of working on cruise ships.

You can catch our show on August 9 at the MCL Grand in Lewisville. We will be performing 90 minutes (plus intermission) and video recording it for our newest promotional video.